Swimming pool

During your stay at D-Resort Šibenik, you can enjoy our beautiful 220 m² infinity swimming pool overlooking the marina or the wonderful seaside swimming pool right next to the Peninsula Grill & Bar. Your children will also have fun in the kid’s pool that is equipped with:

- Swim Vests
- Comfy Float-Fun Noodle


Whether looking for a place to spend a warm sunny day with the family or looking to have fun and a great time just near the sea, we recommend you explore the beaches, and enjoy swimming in the Adriatic Sea. We offer you an opportunity to visit the local beaches and find out why the people love them.


In addition to the programs we offer at D-Gym, you can enjoy our rooftop running track and table tennis in our facility. There are also several water sports and diving facilities that will enable you to discover the beautiful Adriatic Sea.


The award-winning marina, located just a few steps away from D-Resort Šibenik, will offer you all the things you need to explore the hidden bays and beautiful islands of Šibenik Archipelago and Kornati National Park. If you wish, you can rent a motor yacht or sailing boat.

Kids club

Our Kids Club extends to a surface of 330 m2 and is the best of its kind in the city with the addition of an outdoor amusement park. Our experts entertain and educate children from 4 years to 11 years of age with various creative games and workshop activities. There are also high-quality film screenings for children only. Surveillance entertainment is available daily from 10:00 to 16:00, Sunday is closed.


In-Formal Boutique in our resort presents exclusive world brands. Nautical brands like Henry Lloyd and Aqua of Croatia will complement your shopping in the city of water sports.


Discover Šibenik from a different angle - explore the Adriatic Sea and islands with a boat. Spend a perfect day in small, hidden natural bays ideal for swimming. Make your holidays memorable, and we guarantee you will fall in love with one of the bluest and clearest seas in the world.