Company Details

Company Details

VILLA DUBROVNIK d.d., Branch for Tourism ŠIBENIK, hotel and travel-agency stock company
Obala Jerka Šižgorića 1, 22000 Šibenik (Grad Šibenik), Republic of Croatia

Business banks:
Nova hrvatska banka d.d., IBAN: HR2325030071111003943, SWIFT: VBCRHR22
Erste&Steiermarkische Bank d.d., IBAN: HR0324020061500130582, SWIFT: ESBCHR22

PIN: 66669628743

VAT identification number: HR66669628743

Share capital: 10.790.247,00 EUR, number of shares 830.019, nominal amount per share 13,00 EUR

Tourist agency:
Tourist agency VILLA DUBROVNIK d.d., Branch for Tourism Šibenik, hotel and travel-agency stock company
Manager of agency: Jelena Agić
Capacity in which the manager acts and authorizations: Front desk manager and agency business responsible

Tourist agency contact:
tel: +385 22 331 452, fax: +385 22 246 700

Tourist agency working hours: 0:00 – 24:00

Competent body which officially supervises the activities of the tourist agency
Ministry of Tourism, Independent Sector of Tourism inspection, Trg Republike Hrvatske 8/I, Zagreb